5 Ways You Can Benefit From a Home Energy Audit

5 Ways You Can Benefit From a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit checklist covers all the factors that affect the efficiency of your home. By completing this checklist, you can pinpoint improvements that will help conserve energy and reduce your utility bills. Recommendations may range from fixing small leaks and drafts to infrastructure upgrades, such as installing high-efficiency windows or a solar water heater.

No matter how much you’ve invested in your home already, or how efficient you think it is, periodic audits by a qualified professional are one of the best ways to prevent waste and expense. A home energy audit can:

  • Find the issues you didn’t know existed. Taking steps today to fix a minor problem such as a leaky pipe or poorly sealed window is among the best things you can do for your property. An energy audit is the first step in finding the subtle, hidden problems that add up to make your home less eco-friendly overall.
  • Help you prioritize repairs. The audit process isn’t just a way of determining what’s wrong — it’s also a useful tool for prioritizing upgrades and identifying where your renovation dollars will be best spent.
  • Make your home more comfortable. Following through with the key recommendations of a home energy audit will make temperatures in your home more stable and increase indoor air quality by keeping out drafts — benefits you’ll feel every day.
  • Add to your home’s resale value. An energy-efficient home is more attractive to potential buyers, not just because it’s more economical to heat and cool, but also because it demonstrates you’ve made forward-thinking investments to keep it running its best.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. A significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions starts at home. Performing an energy audit will show you where to make improvements that will reduce your overall carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.

Is the Cost of an Energy Audit Worth It?
An energy audit should be part of your regular home maintenance schedule. Like any preventive maintenance, it is an investment that saves you money in the long run. A home energy audit cost varies from supplier to supplier. Many solar installers offer them free for anyone considering adding a large solar array to their property.

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