Why You Need a Home Inspection Checklist

Why You Need a Home Inspection Checklist

Besides the official professional inspection, having your own home inspection Checklist Seattle is quite useful when hunting for a new home. Think of it as double checking the house one more time, before you move in, just to see if everything is in top notch condition. As your first time in house handing, you probably have no idea what to inspect in a new house, so here are a few tips that will built the idea checklist.

The house’s drainage system is one of the areas to check. Is the drainage system efficient enough to drain water away from the house? Test all sinks, tubs and any other water outlet for blockages. Check the wall around sinks or bathroom for any smudges or soggy patterns forming around the walls. Sometimes mold can also be a good indicator of faulty piping.

Roof checks are crucial to your home inspection checklist Seattle as well. Is there any visible tree or branches poking through your roof? Is the roof itself in perfect condition and when was it last repaired or replaced? Check out for signs of caving in or ceiling damage and have those fixed before you move in.

The third item to check in a new house is the electric system. Inspect all the sockets and switches in the house and make sure that all of them work. If need be, carry an electric tester with you to certify that all electricity outlets are functioning. You wouldn’t want to pay extra for an electrician to inspect to fix minor problems that could have been detected on inspection.

If your new home comes with appliances, these have to be checked as well. Inspect the microwave, dishwasher, iron box, washing machine, dryer, shower heads and any other electric appliance in the home you can think of. Tick every item on your home inspection checklist Seattle as you complete your check; if there are any appliances left out that weren’t on your list, check those as well.

Once you are done with the house, go outside for additional inspections. How is the security of the area? Is it a quiet or noisy neighborhood? Are there available transport options to work and back in case you don’t have a car? What amenities can you get around the area e.g. grocery stores, cloth malls, gym, hotels, restaurants or banks?

Moving into a new home is an important part of your life, so your next house should be better than the previous one. But you can only be 100% sure if you carry your own home inspection checklist Seattle as you go house hunting.

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