Why Pre Purchase Home Inspection in Seattle

Why Pre Purchase Home Inspection in Seattle

Pre Purchase Home Inspection in Seattle

A home is not just a structure as it appears on the surface. It includes several complex components such as physical electrical components, structural framing, heating and air conditioning and plumbing. If you are considering a home for purchase, you may be able to settle for minor repairs. However, you need to be sure that all is well beneath the surface. This is why a pre purchase home inspection is both necessary and valuable.

Why you need a pre inspection before buying a home?

A thorough pre purchase home inspection is likely to highlight any potential problems as well as existing defects in the house before committing to buy it. Since purchasing a home may be the biggest financial investment one could make, a pre purchase inspection is relatively a small investment that will guarantee you peace of mind for many years for come.

What Pre Purchase Inspection should concentrate on

A good pre purchase inspection should go for a visual assessment of the property so as to evaluate its general condition as well as identify any defects. The Pre Purchase Inspection Seattle should comply with the international standards.

The following areas are inspected:

The interior of the building: walls, windows, ceiling, frames and doors in the living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry among others.

The exterior of the building: walls (including cladding, lintels, windows and doors), steel or timber frames and structures, stairs, chimneys, verandas, balconies, decks, patios, suspended concrete floors and also balustrades.

The roof exterior: roof (including shingle and slates, tiles, gables, roof sheeting, flashing), vents and flues, guttering, valleys, eaves among others.

The roof surface: roof framing, roof, roof covering, party walls, insulation and sarking/sheathing.

The sub-floor space: timber floor (including floors, supports, drainage, ventilation, damp).
Reasons for pre purchase inspection

1 .Checking for structural issues

When making a purchase, a structurally sound home is necessary due to safety concerns and cost issues.

2. Budget for repairs

One may feel it is worthwhile to buy a house that requires some repairs because of its discounted price; however, going to the sale with no inspection may lead to big costs for repair issues that are hidden.

3. Identifying dangerous areas of a home

A pre purchase home inspection can identify areas in the home that might be deemed dangerous, in particular, presence of asbestos and other dangerous materials, loose or missing balustrades and cracks in walls.

A pre purchase home inspection is very important for many reasons since it helps buyers to reduce cost of repair and also keep off some of the unsafe places in a home.

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